Here are a bunch of tapes that I rescued from the School of Computer Science 
at ADFA, which is an outpost of UNSW. The most interesting tapes here
contain the AUSAM modifications to 6th Edition.

	Tape label: System Source Disk
		    DD format URK? BS=24B count=203 800bpi 9track
		    UNIX System Source 1 of 1

A distribution of UNIX source from UNSW, with several changes. record0.gz is
an RK05 image laid out according to the `Boston Children's Museum' format
(i-nodes in the middle). Latest file timestamp is Jan 24 1978. There is only
kernel source, plus a `unswbatch' directory. The latter seems to hold the
source to a UNIX batch system developed by Ian Johnstone and other at the
School of Electrical Engineering at UNSW.

record0.tar.gz is a tar archive of the RK05 image.

	Tape label: UNIX Fun & Games & Pics
		    800 bpi  9 track itp Format Reel 1 of 1

Lots of BASIC programs and Ascii lineprinter pictures. record0.gz is an
itp archive. There is no UNIX-related stuff. Everything is dated Jan 22 1978.

	Tape label: System Disk
		    DD format URK? 800bpi 9track UNIX System Disk
		    1 of 1

Binaries to a UNIX system, no source code. Latest date is Jan 24th 1978.

	Tape label: UNSW 4th Distrib (2 files)
		    PWB-UNIX (Part 1) (1 file) TP format  800bpi
		    Sizes: 4303 5101 7326 records

Record0.gz is a tp format archive of the AUSAM modifications done at UNSW of
6th Edition UNIX, dated November 1979. Documentation and kernel sources exist,
but there is no source for libraries or ordinary commands. Most recent file
date is November 1st, 1979. The kernel diffs against UNSW 106 are small, so
UNSW 04 evolved from UNSW 106.

Record1.gz is a tp format archive of AUSAM programs and library source. This
is an assumption, as again the most recent file date is November 1st, 1979.

Record2.gz is a tp format archive of binaries and man pages for PWB-UNIX.
Latest date is September 8th 1978. There is no source code on the tape.

	Tape label: PWB UNIX (Part 2) 1 file   205
		    Level 7 UNIX      1 file   640
		    Berkeley Pascal \
		    Vrije Pascal    / 1 file   319 blocks
		    No Ring Ever

Record0.gz is a dtp archive of PWB-UNIX. Unfortunately there is a hard error
in record 0, and I was unsuccessful in recovering the rest of record 0, nor
record 1 and 2. The dirlist file shows what is in record 0. Latest date is
September 8th 1978.

	Tape label: Hebrew Distribution
		    Toronto Graphics Distribution DTP No Ring Ever

Yet another tp format, dtp. This one puts the offset of data in the first 8
bytes, starts the dir at offset 128, with 114-byte names. Progs/dtp can
extract it. The tape has no UNIX src. There are top-level directories gpac,
huji and tor. Latest date is December 20th 1979.

	Tape label: UNIX Source & Documentation
		    800 bpi  9 track itp Format Reel 1 of 1

Record0.gz is an itp archive of UNIX source code and documentation. I have no
clear idea as to the version archived. File dates range from August 21th 1976
to January 24th 1978. It has some UNSW modifications, with the highest
labelled `fix016' in param.h, and that's 16 decimal.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 7 Source
		    from tape #5 part 2 13/4/81

Just as it says. dtp format, also includes binaries. No WECo boot
records though (as described in `Setting up UNIX' in the V7 manuals).
The most recent timestamp on any file is August 22nd 1979.

UNSW 81 and UNSW 83 are identical. They contain Seventh Edition UNIX.
Looks like a complete distribution as well. There are hptmunix,
rphtunix and rptmunix kernels. No rk or rl ones, though.

[Compare these to Henry's tape]

	Tape label: UNIX L6
		    VRIJE and Berkeley Pascal from tape #5 part 3

Record0.gz is a dtp archive of at least Berkeley Pascal, in the pascal
directory. Actually there's a csh, and indicates that this is in
fact 2BSD. The READ_ME file in the pascal directory has a timestamp inside of
April 19th 1979.

The pc directory contains Pascal-VU (dated May 29th 1979) from Vrije
University, the Netherlands. Latest file date in the pascal directory is
August 1st 1979, and for the pc directory is October 30th 1979.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 7 Sources
		    from tapes 92 & 93
		    reel 1 of 1

dtp format. As the label says. Looks very much like tape 81. In
fact a comparison of the contents show it to be exactly the same.

	Tape label: UNIX L6 Source (tp)
		    from tape #4, part of file 2

tp format, no man pages. The file seems to be truncated, I got
block errors with my tp program.

	Tape label: UNIX L6 Source (tp)
		    from tape #4, file 3

tp format. /bin, /usr, /etc, man pages, i.e all but src.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 6 Source
		    PWB Part 2 from tape #5, part 1

This looks like it contains the source code to PWB 1.0. There are
no manuals and no binaries (well, a few scattered in source dirs).

	Tape label: UNIX Level 6 Source
		    Languages etc,

dtp format. Source for lots of languages. No system source.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 6 Source
		    Nroff Tables

dtp format. Yep, nroff tables, not very exciting.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 6
		    Source Archive

dtp format. Applications source, no system source.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 7 Source
		    UNSW (dtp)

The kernel on this tape has lots of diffs compared to unsw 81.  I
cannot tell which is older, but from the dates (1979 vs 1981), I
assmume that this tape is older than unsw 81. It would be good to
compare unsw 81, unsw 92, Henry Spencer's V7 and the tape from Torsten
Hippe. There is only source on the tape, no binaries.

	Tape label: UNIX Level 7 Source
		    UNSW (dtp)

I got hard read errors on this tape, so it's probably incomplete.

UNSW 106
	Tape label: UNIX L6 Source 1

This seems to be a 6th Edition patched with AUSAM, and something
else: the code has `fix025' style comments scattered around. This
needs investigation. The tape only has kernel source.

UNSW 107
	Tape label: UNIX L6 Source 2
		    (RK05 #24) (tp)

UNSW 108
	Tape label: UNIX L6 Source 3

UNSW 110
	Tape label: UNIX L6 Source
		    macro-linker, make, dostp, yacc, libS.old
0 1/ 1997-05-14 09:44:27Z 4 B dir
1 106/ 1995-11-21 04:27:28Z 4 B dir
2 107/ 1995-11-21 04:27:28Z 4 B dir
3 108/ 1995-11-21 04:27:28Z 4 B dir
4 110/ 1995-11-21 04:27:28Z 4 B dir
5 2/ 1995-11-21 04:27:28Z 4 B dir
6 3/ 1996-07-02 04:52:47Z 4 B dir
7 4/ 1997-05-17 12:50:20Z 8 B dir
8 5/ 1995-11-21 04:27:29Z 5 B dir
9 6/ 1997-05-17 13:00:34Z 4 B dir
10 7/ 1997-05-17 13:14:43Z 4 B dir
11 81/ 1995-12-07 01:00:07Z 4 B dir
12 82/ 1997-07-16 00:41:57Z 4 B dir
13 83/ 1997-07-15 18:53:08Z 5 B dir
14 85/ 1997-07-15 18:19:32Z 4 B dir
15 86/ 1997-07-15 18:59:09Z 4 B dir
16 87/ 1997-07-15 19:23:57Z 4 B dir
17 88/ 1997-07-15 20:21:39Z 4 B dir
18 89/ 1997-07-15 20:21:45Z 4 B dir
19 90/ 1997-07-16 05:27:26Z 4 B dir
20 92/ 1997-07-16 05:27:34Z 4 B dir
21 93/ 1997-07-16 05:27:41Z 4 B dir
22 README 2001-05-07 02:51:22Z 6.5 KiB text/plain; charset=utf-8