The Unix Archive

Welcome to the Unix Archive, run by the Unix Heritage Society (
Here you will find a large collection of Unix releases, applications,
documentation, bug fixes, bootable disk images, and tools to deal with all
these things.

Most of the material in the Archive is tainted with source code that was
originally owned by AT&T, Novell, SCO and others. Please read the
Caldera-license.pdf, and also the individual copyright notices for each
piece of software in this archive.

Archive Layout

The top-level of the archive has these sections.

Applications		- Applications written for Unix but not part of
			  original distributions, e.g Usenix software tapes

Documentation		- Documentation that is Unix-related but not part
			  of a specific release or distribution of Unix

Distributions		- Distributions of Unix. There are subdirectories
			  for specific organisations, e.g. DEC, Bell Labs
			  Research, UCB etc.

Memorabilia		- Photos, drawings, scans, papers etc related to
			  Unix and the people involved in Unix's culture

Tools			- Useful tools to work with the old distributions

updates			- Details of the latest updates to the archive
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