Multiple login windows on the 3b1

Forrie Aldrich forrie at morwyn.UUCP
Fri Apr 5 09:22:06 AEST 1991

Just a comment on multiple login windows:

when you screw with the inittab to get this to happen, the /etc/utmp
info gets mangled.  How I know this is that I have a few applications
such as 'SUDO' that will not recognize me as a valid user when I am
running multiple login windows.

This is a question I asked MANY times and received (to my _dismay_) NO
answers.  I've been TRYING very diligently to figure out what on earth
is SO DIFFERENT with this machine in terms of the /bin/login program and
the way it handles the /etc/utmp file (as well as other programs that 
write to this file like /etc/getty).

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?  I _know_ there are people out there that might
know what the problem is.  I'm trying to adapt this machine to perform different
functions, and for this to happen I need to debug this.  UNFORTUNATELY, it
seems that anyone out there that has access to SRC for the 3b1 is 
very inhibited to answer any inquiries I might have... 

Any help would be appreciated... THANKS IN ADVANCE! 



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