Formatting blues

David B. Thomas dt at
Wed Apr 3 05:07:50 AEST 1991

jeffrey at (Jeffrey L Bromberger) writes:

>I *am* able to get the MAXTOR to format on the stock machine. [...]
>Could the ICUS board extend some things so far that it won't work?

I tried to build an ICUS board and had some really nasty problems with
noise (couldn't do anything with either drive, without massive errors).
In fairness to Lenny & Gil, I did use a different pin arrangement on the
socket that goes on the motherboard.

Shortening the cable and otherwise tightening up my construction (extra
bypass caps, double wires for power and ground... ) got me to the point
where I could do everything except format a drive.  It was still noise-
related (I could see it on my scope), and perhaps also the long lines loaded
down the 74foo02.

Anyway, my solution was to build the upgrade right onto the motherboard,
by piggybacking ic's right in the critical area of the motherboard, so
that all wires were kept extremely short.  Suddenly, the thing is solid
as a rock.  (I have a diagram describing it briefly.)

So, yes, you might be having problems similar to what I had.  Again,
in fairness to Gil & Lenny, theirs works, and dozens (?) of others
have come out just fine, too, so the design may not be foolproof, but
it is known to be workable.  Maybe I just have lots of nasty rf nearby.

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