Curses is broken. Don't believe it? Try this...

Bob Lied lied at
Wed Apr 3 05:25:41 AEST 1991

More likely than curses being broken is that the terminfo entry
is less than all-inclusive.  As someone already mentioned, there
are better terminfo entries floating around.

Also, you mentioned the Communication Management documentation.
Note that the capabilities of the terminal emulator are not the
same as the capabilities of the terminal.  For instance, the
vt100 emulator of ATE does not support some of the character
attributes that the native UNIX PC does, no matter what you put
in terminfo.  And of course, the terminfo will change from machine
to machine.

So disassemble the terminfo and look closely.  There might be bugs
in curses, but for such basics as STANDOUT, it's probably the
terminal description.

	Bob Lied	att!ihlpf!lied

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