want to buy 3b1

R.K.Wright MD rkw at mthvax.cs.miami.edu
Wed Apr 3 05:50:31 AEST 1991

The department director of Health and Public Safety for Broward County
Florida would like to buy one or more 3b1 computers, preferably with
40 meg HD and 2 megs of RAM.   

He has an upper limit of $500 which he can spend, due to requirments
of the county government.

Please contact him directly if you wish to sell.

uunet!medex2!love1!jordan1!jwj or
jwj at jordan1.ftl.fl.us


R.K. Wright MD                                                uunet!medex2!rkw
Chief Medical Examiner                                   rkw at medexam.ftl.fl.us
Associate Professor Pathology, University of Miami

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