Rearrangement of osu-cis archives

Arthur Wouk wouk at
Sat Apr 13 10:15:18 AEST 1991

In article <8541 at> cwr at (Will Rose) writes:
>Reference the re-arrangement of the osu-cis archives, could I put in 
>a plea for archive files not to exceed ~900K?  A lot of people have
>a limit on the directory space they can FTP to (mine was 1 MB when
>I had FTP, and I was lucky - most of my friends were limited to 500K).
>I'd have liked to get hold of the MGR system, but its size of >1MB meant
>uucp and an expensive phone call. (It would be nice to keep under 500K,
>but probably not practical).
i ran into similar problems when i got gcc1.35 or so.  when i tried to
do something, i forget whether it was 
untar or uncompress i exceeded disk allotment. i moved the
whole operation to /tmp where such restrictions seem not to apply,
split the result, downloaded to the 3b1 and never had any system
complaints. this was suggested by the sysadmin. your mileage may vary.
arthur wouk 
internet: wouk at

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