MicroEmacs 3.10 compiling problems on 3b1

Doug Klopfenstein doctor at tc.fluke.COM
Sat Apr 20 05:39:36 AEST 1991

I just retrieved the sources to MicroEmacs 3.10 from SIMTEL and tried to
compile them on my 3b1 (System V). Everything works just fine until it gets
to the unix.c file and it quits because it cannot find the include file

Does anyone know what this file is? Can I get a copy of this file? Is there
a way to work around this file?

I also tried compiling MicroEmacs using the BSD selection in the estruct.h
file, but it just gives up in dispare when it reaches the tcap.c file.

Am I asking this question in the right group?

Doug Klopfenstein
doctor at fluke.COM

(206) 356-5232

Seattle, WA  <-- Don't you wish everyone had a REAL location in their

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