Does UMODEM work on local connections?

Boyd Ostroff ostroff at Oswego.EDU
Wed Apr 10 02:16:37 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr8.221615.1195 at> kal at (kevin.lyons) writes:
>In these
>cases I use the vt100 terminal emulator and call umodem with
>the shift-Cmd keys.
>I start umodem on the 3b1, then I start xmodem on the other
>computer ... then I wait.  Eventually they time out and
>blame each other.

I don't use the emulator, but I use a Mac running various telcom programs
as a terminal at 9600 baud and it works great for me.  I just use

 umodem -st filename  or   umodem -sb filename (for binary files)

and then hit "receive file" on the mac and away it goes.  The only problem
I've noticed is that there are often a bunch of NULLs appended to the end
of the file, as though the two programs couldn't agree on where the file

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