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Tue Apr 30 14:08:09 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr29.183445.12884 at> zafar at (Sohail Zafar x4994) writes:
>Hi MGR users,
>	I just got the mgr from osu and spent the whole weekend trying to
>compile it. The first problem I had that make failed (that was wierd) because
>it could not find the source files. Even when I invoked make from the directory
>itself it could not locate the source files (Never happened before). Anyway I
>edited the make file to explicitly give the path of the files. Then the problem
>of compiling the port subdirectory. I had to issue all the commands in the make
>manually. After the program compiled I chaned the /etc/rc inittab and profile

How about keeping a copy of the mgr executables in the OSU archives?
This software is large enough that it would help a lot of people if
someone who has already compiled and tested it could submit it to
the archive maintainer.  I just got a copy of the sources from OSU
a few days ago, but I haven't yet made the VIDPAL modification which
I bought ages ago.  Suppose I could try it out with the recently
posted emulator first!!
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