SWAP Space: How do you increase it above the default 5 meg?

Craig Johnson vince at tc.fluke.COM
Tue Apr 16 16:54:52 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr9.160921.11987 at oswego.oswego.edu> ostroff at Oswego.EDU (Boyd Ostroff) writes:

> Take a look at the manual page for iv.  Note, however that iv -i, which is
> supposed to format the disk and perform a surface test does not work.  You
> will have to format your drive using the utility disk (disk 1 of the
> foundation set).  Unless you think you need to reformat the drive, though
> you can skip that step.

Are you certain iv -i won't work?  I recently used it to format the second
hard drive on my system.  But initially it doesn't like the descriptor it
was told to use which came out of /usr/lib/iv.  I had to change the 'type'
field to "HD2" before it was happy.  I may have changed the 'name' field
also.  Run iv -d to get a usable descriptor, then edit that to taste.

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