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Tue Apr 2 10:47:32 AEST 1991

In article <311 at ramecs.UUCP> car at ramecs.UUCP (Chris Rende) writes:
>[ I'm looking for things that I can safely remove from my 3b1 harddrive... ]
>What are the files in /etc/convert for?
	[ ... ]

	They are for converting from an earlier version of the os (I think
maybe 3.0) to 3.50 or 3.51.  I think that the information is in there, and
that most or all of these are shell scripts .... O.K. some of them are
binaries, but most are scripts, and convert, from internal evidence,
converts a system from 3.0 to 3.51.

	The only reason for keeping this now, might be for hysterical rasins
:-) They look totally expendable, but keep the distribution disks, just in

	Good Luck
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