Thanks, but...

John 'Fritz' Lowrey jlowrey at
Tue Apr 30 16:31:17 AEST 1991

	Greeting folks,
	I wished to post to express my gratitude all those who responded
to my question concering getting the UnixPCs editing/function keys to work
in Emacs.  However, all is not entirely well.  When Emacs starts up it say:
	loading unixpc (as per request in .emacs)

however, it soon responds:
	error in init file...

This is bothersome, so I looked into the unixpc.el keymapping file, and what do
I see? but:
	(require 'keypad)

Which looks to me like a request to include yet another file.  I any one can 
shed some light on my problem, please do...

					Fritz (jlowrey at
					J. "Fritz" Lowrey
					USC Computer Consulting
					Internet: jlowrey at
					UUCP:     !uunet!usc!jlowrey

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