1 meg MB upgrade

Gordon C Zaft zaft at suned1.nswses.navy.mil
Tue Apr 2 05:08:47 AEST 1991


I've got a 7300 with the 1 Meg motherboard.  That's 36 256K x 1 chips.
The motherboard seems to have layout for the other 1 meg of RAM.
Is adding the other 1 meg as simple as buying 36 chips and sockets and
some bypass capacitors?

	I presume there's a jumper to change, too.

	I looked at the RAM upgrade notes on osu-cis, but that was
really about upgrading a 512K board.  This seems much easier since
I wouldn't have to REMOVE chips, just ADD 'em.  But what about
resistor packs and what size/kind of bypass caps?  Has anybody
got some tips?  Maybe we could revise the notes on osu-cis to
reflect this?

	Thanks in advance...
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