3b1 security and removal of ua

Stephen Hess steve at unx-pc.UUCP
Wed Apr 3 01:06:36 AEST 1991

Hi netland,

I'm thinking of removing of the ua and was wondering if there was anything
I had to keep.  Its taking up valuable space that I can use.  I know that
this will help to make my 3b1 more secure, are there any more suggestion
that the net can offer me.  The reason I'm asking is that several people
have ask to have access to my machine so that they can learn unix and
have access to the net of which was discussed about in our local paper. 
THANX for any input that is offer for both the removal of the ua and
creating a more secure 3b1 ( if such a thing is possible ;-).-- 
USnail:  Stephen M. Hess, 5006 Oldshire Rd, Louisville, KY 40229-1223 
uucp: 	 coplex!unx-pc!steve  or steve at unx-pc.UUCP

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