UUCP at 19200

J. Adams - SunOS Wizard adams at ucunx1.san.uc.edu
Sat Apr 6 03:03:42 AEST 1991

Just to add my $0.02 worth, I've been running a 7300 (sans EtherNet :-(
) connected via null modem cable to a Sun 3/60.  I'm running 3.51m with
the serial patch from OSU and HDB.  The port in question is on a combo
card in the first slot with HFC enabled.  I'm also running nipc.o, but
otherwise nothing unusual (no VoicePower, etc.).

I routinely get 1750CPS 7300->Sun and 1450 Sun->7300 with no retries
logged (data from xferstats).

This is using UUCP 'g' protocol.  Note: I do get dropped characters on
cu connections.  I suspect the relatively small blocks of UUCP data can
be swallowed, but continuous transmission is too much.

       Jim Adams              Department of Physiology and Biophysics
adams at ucunix.san.uc.edu     University of Cincinnati College of Medicine      
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