Hardware freaks Unite (on this one)

Neal P. Murphy murphyn at motcid.UUCP
Fri Apr 19 14:45:30 AEST 1991

agodwin at acorn.co.uk (Adrian Godwin) writes:

>In article <1991Mar26.023948.3966 at i88.isc.com> botton at i88.isc.com (Brian D. Botton) writes:
>>  Motorola has an app note that describes how to make a daughter board for
>>the 68020 to replace a 68000 or 68010, you can also have a 68881/2.  I would
>>dearly love to make this board, including support for vidpal, but I haven't
>>had the time.  I just don't have time to do both the kernel mods and the
>>  BTW, the 68020 does have an instruction cache and the app note claims ~ 100%
>>increase in performance.  If anyone who has access to the code would like to
I happened to find this app note in a drawer in the semi-conductor sales
office here. The figures in it seemed to indicate 40%-60% increase in
performance. I believe this board just directly replaces the '000 or '010
with an '020 and an '881.

Of course, I had the wild idea that one could strap two Unix-PC mother-
boards together to create a 32-bit bus. This would probably require
major low-level code changes, though...


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