BSD port to 3b1 Finished! and pspice

Brent Burton n138ct at
Tue Apr 16 05:59:37 AEST 1991

Well, after a week of non-stop work, BSD has been started up on the 3b1.
To run BSD 4.3, you must have 12Megs ram, 300MB of disk space and a good

OK,OK, I didn't get BSD working (don't intend to) but I have another

My question pertains to the 3b1 port of the Spice program. (or pspice?).
If I remember correctly, the compressed file is 1.8MB.  Do we need the
entire file?  What is in it, both source and docs?  Before I download
this beast I'd like to find out what exactly I need.

Thanks, all.

p.s. If you really feel like flaming, take 10 deep breaths and then email
     me if you think this was just totally awful.  
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