Does UMODEM work on local connections?

kevin.lyons kal at
Tue Apr 9 08:16:15 AEST 1991

I've been reading the net for some time, and I've learned a
lot (thanks, folks!) but this is my first time writing.  I
hope I don't embarrass myself.

I frequently use my 3b1 to download files from commercial
services, and UMODEM works just fine with XMODEM.  In these
cases I use the vt100 terminal emulator and call umodem with
the shift-Cmd keys.

Now I'd like to use umodem to move binary files between the
3b1 and another computer I own.  They're connected via a
null-modem cable, the serial port on the 3b1 is optioned for
Terminal, and I can log in from the other computer just fine.
I start umodem on the 3b1, then I start xmodem on the other
computer ... then I wait.  Eventually they time out and
blame each other.

Has anyone been able to get umodem/xmodem to operate over the
serial port connection?  If so, how?  (Honest, I DID read the


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