running out of swap space

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Fri Apr 12 02:41:32 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr9.160921.11987 at> ostroff at oswego.Oswego.EDU
(Boyd Ostroff) writes:
>[...] I'm not sure if you really gain anything by [enlarging the swap
>partition] (unless you're swapping out LOTS of processes).  Perhaps someone
>else can answer this one.....

The only way I ever ran out of swap was by running two different, unshared GNU
Emacses, both trying run RMAIL (which is a fair amount of elisp).  Since I had
need to do this then (don't ask why), I increased my swap to 10M, and haven't
run out since, not even w/TeX, gcc, g++, emacs, etc.  I have managed to run
out of *virtual* memory space, though, which is a major bummer.  4M VM is
probably the single biggest uncorrectable limitation of this machine.

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