UNIX PC Hardware and dot-matrix printer FOR SALE!

Lenny Tropiano lenny at icus.ICUS.COM
Mon Apr 22 11:16:55 AEST 1991

I have some UNIX PC hardware that I'm currently not using, and I
would like to sell it.  All of the following works, and I've tested
it all with diagnostics.    All prices are subject to "best offer" if
you feel you want to bid on it.   All sales are final and either
shipped COD + shipping, check or money order prepaid (add $15 for 
shipping via UPS or Fed. Express)

DOS-73 board w/8087 MAU (software and manuals included)		$250  OBO
Voice Power board  (Version 2.2) w/software			$300  OBO
Dual EIA RS-232 card (0K, does not support RAM, will work in
		      UNIX PC expansion cabinet)                $125  OBO

This is non-UNIX PC specific, but it does work -- the paper out indicator
is broken though.

STAR NX-10 Dot Matrix parallel printer (2 ribbons)              $ 75  OBO

I'll entertain offers to purchase the hardware via e-mail, if you do
offer to purchase anything I will notify you on how to send money or
receive package.  Please send me your daytime/evening telephone numbers,

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