HDERR message(s)

Dave Snyder dave at das13.snide.com
Fri Apr 5 05:02:48 AEST 1991

Now I know this has be posted before but I don't have enough history to
search through.  How do I calculate the block# that caused a HDERR from the
output of /usr/adm/unix.log?  For instance, what are the block numbers for
the following two errors and how did you calculate them?

> HDERR ST:51 EF:10 CL:DE CH:2 SN:A SC:2 SDH:20 DMACNT:FFFF DCRREG:98 MCRREG:8B00 Sat Feb 23 19:06:27 1991
> WD1010 ST=/Sekg/Err/ EF=/Id?/ cy=734. sc=10. hd=0. dr#=0. MCR2:0x0 Sat Feb 23 19:06:29 1991
> HDERR ST:51 EF:40 CL:F CH:2 SN:6 SC:2 SDH:24 DMACNT:FFFF DCRREG:9C MCRREG:8D00 Sat Mar  2 18:09:09 1991
> WD1010 ST=/Sekg/Err/ EF=/CRC/ cy=527. sc=6. hd=4. dr#=0. MCR2:0x0 Sat Mar  2 18:09:33 1991

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