Wanted: 3b1 mouse and manuals...

John 'Fritz' Lowrey jlowrey at skat.usc.edu
Tue Apr 16 16:23:08 AEST 1991

	Greetings from Southern California...
	I am about to become the owner of a 3b1 using OS release 3.5.  The
only things that the gentleman who is selling it to cannot include are:  a
mouse and the manuals.  I can live with out the mouse for a LONG while,
though it would be nice, but I would really like to have a copy of the 
documentation for myself to avoid a plethora of neophyte RTFM postings.
	If any one can either offer a good price on one or both of these
items, or can aim me in the direction of someone who could, I would be very
grateful.  Especial thanks would go out to folks who described the available
resources for development (my seller is including the development package), 
such as graphical libraries and mouse interfacing.

	Please reply via Email, because I would hate to waste other peoples
time on my own situation.

					Fritz (jlowrey at skat.usc.edu)
					J. "Fritz" Lowrey
					USC Computer Consulting
					Internet: jlowrey at usc.edu
					UUCP:     !uunet!usc!jlowrey

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