3B1 ethernet card for sale

David S. Herron david at twg.com
Wed Apr 17 11:30:10 AEST 1991

I have a 3B1 ethernet card for sale, now that I don't have a machine
to put it in anymore.  I expect to get somewhere between $150 and
$200 for it.  (BTW, this will *NOT* include the manuals but *WILL*
include the software ;-) .. to give fair warning ..)

This is one I bought from Robert Slaski last summer back when I was
still enthused about the machine & thought I might build an ethernet
at home.  It has been plugged into a 3B1 we have here at work (wink, wink)
and tested and is known to work.

Contact:	David Herron
Home-Number:	(415) 964-2720
Work-Number:	(415) 962-7193
E-Mail:		David Herron <david at twg.com>

[BTW: For those who don't know.  This is a moderately rare card,
 supposedly only 3,000 were ever made.  The only connector is
 a 15-pin AUI connector, there is NO "thin net" connector meaning
 that one MUST use an external transciever of some sort.  Possibilities

	drop-cable to normal transciever
	directly plug-on thin-net transciever, or twisted pair transciever
	drop-cable to a multi-port transciever (DELNI or work alike)

 These involve various costs, Our-Dear-Thad posted some findings on
 thin-net options last year when he got his ether card(s).]


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