Hardware Flow Control/19200 vs. 9600 baud connections

Bruce Lilly bruce at balilly
Mon Apr 22 02:07:38 AEST 1991

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In article <1991Apr21.020111.28633 at fithp> mhw at fithp (Marc Weinstein) writes:
>[ ... ]
>So, we then changed our PC-to-modem connection to 9600 baud, and everything
>is working fine - no problems.  Our guess is that the port, and HFC, works
>reliably at 9600 baud.  The port rate becomes the limiting factor - since
>each end can only feed 9600 baud of data to the modem, there's never a
>danger of exceeding its capacity, or even of taxing HFC with a lot of actvity.
>Unfortunately, this means that the absolute highest transfer rate is 960 Bps,
>which we now see consistently using V.42bis between the modems.  Not bad, but
>not what we had hoped.

Some questions:
1)	were you using the built-in RS-232-C port (/dev/tty000), or an EIA or
	combo card?
2)	what loadable drivers are loaded, and in what order (run
	/etc/lddrv/lddrv -s")?
	"/etc/lddrv/lddrv -s")?
3)	have you tried transfers while other system activity was taking place,
	particularly while some large program was running (e.g. try switching
	windows a few times using shift-suspend or shift-resume)?
	Bruce Lilly		blilly!balilly!bruce at sonyd1.Broadcast.Sony.COM

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