screen is beginning to jump around

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Sun Apr 28 13:20:43 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr26.165755.20542 at> jfischer at (james.fischer) writes:
>		Yep, sounds like the power supply is getting
>		flaky, but it COULD also be the high-voltage
>		components in the CRT-case portion of the
>		cabinet - I would suggest finding a scope
>		and looking at the AC in, the outputs of the
>		power supply, and the ins and outs of the
>		high voltage board in the CRT enclosure.
	[ ... ]

	Isn't this the symptom one gets when the capacitor on the crt board
is starting to fail?  I've not experienced it, but I seem to remember the
description in previous articles.  The capacitor in question is spelled out
in the FAQ file, if I remember properly. -- No, I just checked, and it isn't
there.  It must be somewhere in the previous months which are archived on
tape, somehwere.  (Not exactly quick reference while trying to answer a
questions.  Does anyone have the capacitor location/designator more readily

	Good luck
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