Interactive UNIX mode switch help needed

Martin Connors martin at space.UAlberta.CA
Sun Apr 21 13:10:27 AEST 1991

>From a comrade in the Soviet Union:
Thank you for the Unix support - I hope somebody in the US will help me
although I am myself on half the way to success. I can't tell the exact
source of my system - it has gone through too many hands before me -
the brand is: "INTERACTIVE UNIX operating system  rev.3.2 v.2" made by
"INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation". And the problem looks like not very
specific one: I am searching for an analog of MS-DOS command:"mode
mono", that is used for switching system output to another video-card/monitor
attached to the computer.

If anyone can help this fellow please e-mail me directly at
martin at

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