3.0 How different is it?

Aaron Sherman asherman at dino.cpe.ulowell.edu
Mon Apr 15 13:15:52 AEST 1991

I have a Unix-PC (20Mb drive w/ 1Mb ram) that eledges that it is running
version 3.0 of the OS. Is this incompatible with the most current 
release? I have had trouble using the binaries from some of the
archives, and had assumed that it was just a problem with my means
of file-transfer.

Could it be the shared libraries? I've had some trouble using someone elses
software from floppies, and for reasons I don't have time to get into
I suspect that the difference is in the shared libs.

Just some random musings and pleadings...

BTW: can I get an upgrade from AT&T, or are they trying to pretend that
the UNIX-PC never happened?


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