tty000 troubles w/modem

John Ruckstuhl ruck at
Mon Apr 29 06:11:58 AEST 1991

I wrote:
>I've freshly installed 3.51m and HDB on a 3b1 with a US Robotics 
>Password 1200 baud modem on tty000.  The Password uses a subset of the
>Now, I am *most* frustrated.  
>Uucico will not reliably talk to the modem.
>It sort of looks like the chat session defined in Dialers is failing,
>because -x9 shows that I don't reach the point where I'm trying to chat
>per script in Systems.  So then, I try to make the connection to the

Now, I am *most* pleased.
Thank you to
    Floyd Davidson <floyd at>
    ostroff at oswego.Oswego.EDU (Boyd Ostroff)
whose replies I have already received, and to those whose replies are
already on their way to me.

For those who know -- Floyd & Boyd informed me of the ,M and \M & \m,
and I'm back online.
For those who don't know,  I'll wait a few days for other replies, then
compose & post a summary.

Best Regards,
John R Ruckstuhl, Jr			ruck at
Dept of Electrical Engineering		ruck at, uflorida!ruck
University of Florida			ruck%sphere at, sphere!ruck

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