19.2K on a 3b1

DoN Nichols dnichols at ceilidh.beartrack.com
Mon Apr 1 07:12:07 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar29.110050.20635 at blilly.UUCP> bruce at balilly (Bruce Lilly) writes:
>In article <1991Mar27.033750.29895 at ceilidh.beartrack.com> dnichols at ceilidh.beartrack.com (DoN Nichols) writes:
>>	I have my Trailblazer+ locked to 19200, and am getting about 700-800
>>both directions when communicating with a RT with AIX which is locked at
>>9600, but ONLY if I kill off my ethernet before the transmission starts.  If

	[ ... ]
>Could you please clarify "kill off my ethernet". Do you mean "ifconfig en0
>down", or a reboot without the ether driver, or do you kill -9 the
>daemons, or do you blast the board with a shotgun?

	Well, when it kept panicing on of my 3b1's I was close to
considering the shotgun :-) When I moved it back to the 7300, (with the
disks and other boards, so the only difference was the main-board/power
supply and the floppy-drive, it stopped panicing the system every half-hour
or so. (Depending on ethernet usage)

	Re-boot before each scheduled uucp call would be awkward, so I use a
shell script which nukes the daemons, and unloads the driver.  (Essentially
a pared-down version of the one under the UA choices for shutdown (and
startup).  I may try the "ifconfig en0 down" to see if it makes enough
difference, although I suspect that the daemons are contributing enough load
to be a problem, as well.  Let's face it, there just isn't much muscle for
handling interrupts at the rate that 19.2k requires.  (I'd love for an
intelligent serial card with its own dma to be produced for the system (with
appropriate drivers).

>And in what order do you have the drivers loaded?

As follows:

    wind   0   -1    7   -1  0x9000   0x54000 ALLOC BOUND 
    nipc   1   -1   -1   -1  0x7000  0x360000 ALLOC BOUND 
      xt   2   -1   14    1  0x3000   0x5d000 ALLOC BOUND 
      tp   3   -1    9   -1  0x3000  0x367000 ALLOC BOUND 
     cmb   4   -1   -1   -1  0x3000  0x36c000 ALLOC BOUND 
   ether   5   -1   10   -1 0x13000  0x3de000 ALLOC BOUND 


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