Rearrangement of osu-cis archives

Will Rose cwr at
Sat Apr 13 05:12:28 AEST 1991

Reference the re-arrangement of the osu-cis archives, could I put in 
a plea for archive files not to exceed ~900K?  A lot of people have
a limit on the directory space they can FTP to (mine was 1 MB when
I had FTP, and I was lucky - most of my friends were limited to 500K).
I'd have liked to get hold of the MGR system, but its size of >1MB meant
uucp and an expensive phone call. (It would be nice to keep under 500K,
but probably not practical).

On the subject of uucp, could the new README please be *accurate* with
regard to filenames?  I spent a frustrating evening and three or four
calls trying to get hold of hdb docs from osu.  From the most recent README
the name was ~/att7300/STORE/HONEYDOCS.  That clearly didn't exist, so I
tried various combinations of capital/lowercase letters before asking for
half-a-dozen of the most likely combinations.  (The correct answer turned
out to be a long shot - HONEYDOCS+IN.Z; not obvious to a novice).

BTW, does the source group now exist? I've not seen anything on it.

Good luck - Will

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