Hardware Flow Control/19200 vs. 9600 baud connections

Marc Weinstein mhw at fithp
Thu Apr 25 15:05:33 AEST 1991

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>>So, we then changed our PC-to-modem connection to 9600 baud, and everything
>>is working fine - no problems.  Our guess is that the port, and HFC, works
>>reliably at 9600 baud.
>> ...
> Some questions:
> 1)	were you using the built-in RS-232-C port (/dev/tty000), or an EIA or
> 	combo card?

Originally, we were using the Combo card ports, and we wondered whether
that could have anything to do with it.  So, we switched to tty000, and
saw the same problems.  We're still loading 3.51m on the remote system,
so we're not sure where the problems are coming from.

> 2)	what loadable drivers are loaded, and in what order (run
> 	"/etc/lddrv/lddrv -s")?

/etc/lddrv/lddrv -s:

    wind   0   -1    7   -1  0x9000   0x54000 ALLOC BOUND 
    lipc   1   -1   -1   -1  0x7000  0x360000 ALLOC BOUND 
     kbd   2   -1    9   -1  0x1000   0x5d000 ALLOC BOUND 
     cmb   3   -1   -1   -1  0x3000  0x367000 ALLOC BOUND 
     ate   4   -1   -1   -1  0x1000   0x5e000 ALLOC BOUND 

> 3)	have you tried transfers while other system activity was taking place,
> 	particularly while some large program was running (e.g. try switching
> 	windows a few times using shift-suspend or shift-resume)?

I had a lot of applications running at once.  Netnews software, mail tools,
changing windows, etc.  I exercised it pretty well.

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