AT&T Re-issues the Safari! :-)

Dave Levenson dave at westmark.WESTMARK.COM
Thu Apr 18 10:03:21 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr13.214119.1959 at>, jeffrey at tram (Jeffrey L. Bromberger) writes:
> For all of those who get that free mag "InfoWorld", look at the front
> cover.  In the April 8th edition, AT&T announces the Safari computer.
> It's a laptop with a 20mhz 386SX chip, the second generation will have
> built in support for packet radio.
> Tis a shame they had to re-use our moniker, especially with a 386
> chip! :-(

Let's not forget.  The AT&T 6300PLUS, also Intel-based, was known
internally as Safari-5.  And it only had a 286 chip, but it ran UNIX
SysVr2 and MS-DOS at the same time.  How many times have we seen an
AT&T computer product that was truly ahead of its time, and
distinguished from its competitors?

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