AT&T Unix-PC (2.5M/40M) for sale

Yong Ren yren at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Fri Apr 26 02:21:50 AEST 1991

	==== AT&T Unix-PC for sale $700 or best offer ====
	I am graduating this summer, so it is time to part with my faithful

For those who don't know what Unix-PC is:

	AT&T Unix-PC, aka 3B1, AT&T 7300
	A personal Unix workstation that comes out too early (1983)
	Runs system V version of Unix
	Can support up to three users at the same time (theoretically)
	No, it is not a IBM clone PC that runs DOS. Even though a DOS
		card exists for this machine
Specific of this machine:
	It has 2.5 Meg of Ram (0.5 Meg on motherboard, 2 Meg on Expansion card)
	Seagate ST251-1 28ms 40Meg Hard disk (2 years old)
	Green monitor, keyboard with mouse, and I have an extra mouse (in box)
	360 floppy drive which can also read DOS floppies.
	Built in 1200 baud modem
	1 parallel port, 1 serial port
	cc, gcc, vi, gnu-emacs, yacc, lex, nroff, TeX, 2 diff versions of
	TeX previewers, gnuplot, nethack3.0, kermit 5a, compress, cpio,
	telephone manager, vt100 emulator, Tek40x0 emulator, uucp, crypt,
	MacPaint displayer, Bellcore MGR (X window like graphic window
	manager), chess(shah), othello, tetrix, klondike, mahjohng 

	I have the original software disks for system softare
	and Development sets. Two volumes of AT&T Unix System V
	User Manual 

For those Unix-PC users out there:
	The 0.5 Meg -> 2 Meg Ram expansion is done by myself one year ago,
	Yes, I resoldered 72 ram chips! The internal clock battery has
	been replaced recently. The original sick 20 Meg hard disk has
	been replaced by a new ST251-1 two years ago. Vidpal has been
	installed to run MGR.

	The machine is in very good condition. I seldom shut it down
	(hopefully nicer to the hard disk)

	Asking $700 or B.O.

	How much will I miss the machine!

Please contact: yren at
	(609) 258-5934 (Day)
	(609) 924-4239 (Night)

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