Unix-PC BOF at TCF'91

Dave Shevett shevett at mccc.edu
Tue Apr 16 07:55:47 AEST 1991


The 1991 Unix-PC BOF is running on schedule.  This is the confirmation
notice folks have been waiting for.  I've heard from a dozen or two people
who are planning on attending, with a variety of hardware to show and to

If you are planning on attending, and want to try something new out, or see
what folks are working on, JBM will be showing his multi-processor DSP
board, (yes John, we have an expansion chassis).  We will have 2 or 3
systems running MGR, and one machine with the AT&T answering service
for the voice power board loaded and running.

Will we have *no* dearth of machines here, as well as peripherals.  I will be
selling my Ethernet boards there, pricing will depend on demand, I suppose.
Haven't thought it through (I have 2 of 'em).

               THE OFFICIAL 'HOW TO GET THERE' BOF instructions:

TCF '91, like last years show, will be held at Mercer County Community
College.  The BOF will be held at my townhouse about a mile and a half from
the college.  MCCC is on the corner of Old Trenton Road and Hughes Drive.

To get to the BOF, which will start at 7:00pm on Saturday, April 20th, head
south (or west) away from Old Trenton Road on Hughes Drive.  You will pass
the Mercer County park (where much of the parking for the show will be),
and follow along for about a mile until the road 'T's into Quaker Bridge
Road.  Turn right on Quaker Bridge Road (This is toward Route one, and away
from the Clover you may have passed going TO the show.  Follow that until 
the first traffic light (it's only about 1/2 mile).  There'll be a bank 
and a convenience store on the left.  I think there's also a sign for 
Lawrence Square Village II.  Turn left into the development.  

Follow the road until it hooks right and T's.  Bear right.  That will put
you on Lawrence Square Blvd.  This road runs in a circle around the 
development, and the streets are in alphabetical order.  Look for 'Stout
Court'.  It'll be on the INSIDE of the circle, about 1000 feet past where
you came in the development.  My house is Number 5 (on the left side).

          ************************ NOTE ****************************

Stout Court has *RESERVED PARKING*.  PLEASE do not park in a spot that
says 'Reserved 65E' or something like that.  IF all the spots are filled
(which they probably will), There is another, larger lot across the street.
Park in an UN reserved spot there.

If you have any questions about getting to the BOF, or just plain get lost,
the home number is 609-584-8773.  Myself or Lisa can help you find your
way.  During Saturday, chances are both of us will be at the show, so
try (609) 575-6327.  There should be someone there AT ALL TIMES.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.  Drive safely, and we'll see you
on Saturday.

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