Kermit 5A(166) is very jerky

Andy Fyfe andy at
Mon Apr 1 04:57:22 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar29.200921.24483 at> afc at (Augustine Cano) writes:
>I have noticed in the latest (5A) kermits is that the OBM doesn't hang up
>properly when exiting with "^\ c" and then q.  Andy was notified of this and
>is passing the bug report to the kermit development team; so no need to
>bother Andy any more about this...  Exiting with "^\ h" and then q works.

Another alternative would be "def off hangup, quit" and use off.  It's
all moot anyway; edit 167 is now available on csvax.  I never noticed
this; the remote systems that I call drop the carrier when I log out,
which hangs up the internal modem and that causes kermit to notice and
return me to the kermit prompt.  The other recent updates on (anonymous ftp, directory pub/3b1) are groff
(version 1.01 from 1.00) and perl (version 4.000 from 3.044).

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