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Wed Apr 3 12:43:12 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr1.231435.3609 at> afc at (Augustine Cano) writes:
>Ah! the curses of curses...  I've been trying to exorcise character
>attributes, but my Cabalistic code is not powerful enough.  It is
>possible to display at least BOLD characters with a plain C program,
>as shown below.

	[ ... ]

>printf("\n%c[%dm%s%c[0m\n",27,1,"BOLD IS OK",27);
>printf("\n%c[%dm%s%c[0m\n",27,2,"DIM IS OK",27);
>printf("\n%c[%dm%s%c[0m\n",27,4,"UNDERLINE IS OK",27);
>printf("\n%c[%dm%s%c[0m\n",27,7,"REVERSE IS OK",27);
>printf("\n%c[%dm%s%c[0m\n",27,8,"CONCEALED DOESN'T WORK",27);

	It looks as though the terminfo file for the 3b1 is braindamaged,
since the requests through curses don't work, but the explicit character
sequences do.  Terminfo should return the appropriate sequences to perform
the requested functions.  Check what they are returning against the
sequences in your explicit example above. (I haven't checked these myself,
but it could easily be the problem.  You might compare them to the termcap
info as well.)

	[ ... ]

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