Problems with ld (WEIRD!)

Gordon C Zaft zaft at
Thu Apr 25 16:41:32 AEST 1991

	This is a weird one.  I have been playing with this for a while.

	Basically, I can't link anything.  The setup: UnixPC, 2.5M,
40meg disk, 3.51m OS, 3.51 Dev. Set.

	cc works fine, I can compile things to my heart's content; but
when I run ld I don't get anything.  When I tried a makefile (exercise,
in this case) the makefile said:

	ld -s -o exercise exercise.o /lib/crt0s.o /lib/shlib.ifile
*** Error Code 13.

	Anyone got any brilliant ideas?  This is a serious problem,
obviously, and it's driving me crazy.
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