My request for info on PC-UNIX

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Sat Apr 27 05:04:04 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr26.012829.25156 at> ledbette at (dawn) writes:
   In article <13623 at ur-cc.UUCP> vdra_ltd at (Valerie Drake) writes:
   OOPS.  This is an official apology for the posting where I requested info on
   my Mom's problem with finding info on using grass.  As was pointed out to
   me by several of you faithful readers of this board (and most politely and 
   un-flamably I might add), youse guys are 3B1 users.

This is an outrage!  It just goes to show you that grass is a gateway
to the really dangerous stuff like 3B1.

---BUSH   "Scaaaary."

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