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Sohail Zafar x4994 zafar at
Tue Apr 30 04:34:45 AEST 1991

Hi MGR users,
	I just got the mgr from osu and spent the whole weekend trying to
compile it. The first problem I had that make failed (that was wierd) because
it could not find the source files. Even when I invoked make from the directory
itself it could not locate the source files (Never happened before). Anyway I
edited the make file to explicitly give the path of the files. Then the problem
of compiling the port subdirectory. I had to issue all the commands in the make
manually. After the program compiled I chaned the /etc/rc inittab and profile
to make sure everything was ok. Unloaded the ate and wind drivers, crossed my
fingers and rebooted. Nothing going would crash in the middle of rc. Took me
three hours to find the culprit__ .phinit in the sample rc file! After taking
care of this the machine booted. I had set the TERM env to mgr in profile.
when I tried to invoke mgr it would give an error "Cannot invoke mgr from within
itself". So, chaned the terminal type and invoked it. Ha ha the screen comes up
with the MGR logo and "hit any key to continue" BUT______the screen becomes full
with error messages "No src_map, something 5->15". I went crazy. The windows do
come up but the errors would not let anything to calm down I could also see the
prompt in the window with a tiny font and could also zap mgr by typing the
command but nothing else.

I don't have too much knowledge of system administration and would appreciate if
someone could explain whats going on. I have 3.51m with 3.5 development set
2.5M/40M. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

Sohail Zafar
zafar at
zafar at
(301)-927-7542 (home) after 6:00pm

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