Does UMODEM work on local connections?

kevin.lyons kal at
Wed Apr 17 07:04:04 AEST 1991

Several people have posted and emailed help on this one, so I suppose
I should report that I solved my problem.

Way back in the dark ages, when I set this port up, I only wanted to
move ASCII files between the 3B1 and an old Epson Geneva CP/M portable.
Reasoning that the Geneva would be running a terminal emulator, I
optioned the port for a Terminal connection.  It worked fine for sending
ASCII files for years.

Recently I put an Amiga on the port and wanted to use umodem to send and
received bianaries.  No luck.  I posted here, and also downloaded kermit
from OSU (more folks to thank!).  Kermit didn't work either, but left
diagnostic files.  I finally took it all down and put it all back up,
this time telling it the connection was to a Computer.  Ta-DA!  Works
fine now.


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