Stalled in its tracks

Sanford L Barr sbarr at
Thu Apr 25 19:12:53 AEST 1991

	I'm posting for an associate of mine who purchased 3 3b1's
back in the fire sale days a few years ago.

	It seems that all of the machines are showing a common problem.
So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this:

	Turn the machine on - almost looks like the memory test starts,
then the screen goes white and the machine locks up.  The top & bottom
edges of the reversed display look like a Ruffle's Potato Chip edgewise.


	The last few times this has happened, the solution was to take out
the motherboard and start resoldering everything in the upper left hand
corner (I didn't say this was an elegant solution).  This seemed to
work, but only lasts for 8 months or so at a shot.

Anyone familliar with this symptom?  Similar experiences?

Please mail all reasonable advice to sbarr at  Thanks.


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