MGR on 3b1, and configuration

Brent Burton n138ct at
Mon Apr 22 07:03:43 AEST 1991

My unix-pc is a 7300 currently with a 20M drive.  I downloaded the vpe and
MGR and got psyched for the job...

Vpe compiled and installed without pain.

  I first read all appropriate configuration files and make files in the
top-level make directory of the distribution.  I saved these files to other
names to preserve them.  Next, I went into the 3b1 directory, said "heck
with it" and moved ALL those files to the top-level directory.

  Once the make process was underway, it went fine.  I certainly don't remember
having any real problems with it.  (Oh, the build did stop once because the
system ran out of disk space, but compress on a few large files fixed it.)

  Maybe I was just lucky, but MGR is working fine on my small system.  Now
for Brian to process my vidpal order... :-)

Brent Burton
  n138ct at

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