UNIX-PCs still available

Charlie Crassi crassi at kodak.kodak.com
Thu Apr 4 01:15:29 AEST 1991

An associate who is a grad student at RIT here in Rochester, NY told me
yesterday that RIT still has some NEW 3b1s left. (Dr. John not Dr. Mike) 

All of the used computers from the lab sale are gone. Seems AT&T donated
new 386 boxes to the lab so the older 3b1s went by the way side. However,
there are still some NEW 2meg40s with DOS73 boards included for sale
at a price of $800.

If one sells the DOS 73 for $250-$300, that makes the 2meg40 about $500.


Please respond to ritcv!root for purchase or for further info. 

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