Fix for trashed /etc/utmp?

Boyd Ostroff ostroff at penelope.Oswego.EDU
Thu Apr 25 09:39:28 AEST 1991

Last night my utmp file got all screwed up and I had to re-boot my 3B1.
This has happened to me a couple times before, but not too often.
Basically I got into a state where logouts were not recognized.  Even
though I was the only user, "who" showed five, several on each line!

Shutting the system down was a pain, since it "thought" there were other
active users.  The shutdown command kept giving "alarms".  Finally I had
to manually kill off some processes, type "sync" three times and then

So, I was curious if there are any utilities out there which can re-build
a messed up utmp file without having to re-boot the system.  I'm also
a little curious why it happens in the first place (I'm running 3.51a),
and whether 3.51m fixes the problem.

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