COMPRESS bug? Has this happened to YOU?

Rob Stampfli res at colnet.uucp
Thu Apr 18 00:25:12 AEST 1991

In article <82 at morwyn.UUCP> forrie at morwyn.UUCP (Forrie Aldrich) writes:
>When I am in the middle of 'zcat'ing a file, and I stop/interrupt, suddenly
>the file I was looking at disappears and is gone without a trace.
I fixed these bugs a long time ago and posted the mods to the net.  If
anyone wants them, let me know.
Rob Stampfli, 614-864-9377, res at kd8wk.uucp (osu-cis!kd8wk!res), kd8wk at n8jyv.oh

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