Fast reboot & Disk fragmentation

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Thu Apr 25 12:12:00 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr23.140925.10180 at> pb at (PB Schechter) writes:
>First, I seem to remember that someone made a simple modification
>(somewhere) so that when shutting the system down normally, a key word
>is written to a key file, so that, upon subsequent rebooting, fsck need
>not be run (greatly speeding up the reboot process).  Rather than
>create this myself, I am hoping that someone will mail (or post, if you
>think there is sufficient interest) what they did to me.

This is Lenny Tropiano's fsokay package.  This is on osu-cis, somewhere
under ~/att7300, as fsokay.cpio.Z.  It involves some magic-cookie stuff
on normal shutdown and startup to avoid unnecessary fsck's, various /etc/rc
cleanups courtesy of Gil, and a safer fsck process when it is truly
needed (like when you hit the reset button).

Highly recommended, but be comfortable with changing system scripts
like /etc/rc and /etc/shutdown.

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