AT&T UNIX PC and Cards for sale (Repost)

james.h.jennings jamesj at
Sat Apr 20 11:51:53 AEST 1991

AT&T UNIX PC (aka 7300, safari4)                   $500.00

  1 MB RAM
  40 MB hard disk
  1200 Baud Internal Modem
  floppy disk
  1 serial, 1 parallel port
  3 expansion slots
  keyboard and mouse
  AT&T UNIX PC 3.51 foundation, including all manuals
  (I still have original shipping carton)

  Tons of public domain software (stuff from the STORE,  MGR w/VIDPAL 
  emulator, kermit, HDB uucp, g++ (GNU c++ compiler), etc.).


2 Starlan boards                              		$150.00

Will sell EIA combo card (2 extra RS232 ports + 
1.5 MB memory) if purchased with above system 	
or after system is sold					$300.00 obo

I can be reach as follows:

	home	(708)	351-4771	..att!abacab!shrlok!jhj
	work	  ""    979-4372	..att!cbnewse!jamesj

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