Problems with ld (WEIRD!)

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Fri Apr 26 23:39:30 AEST 1991

In article <9395 at suned1.Nswses.Navy.MIL> zaft at (Gordon C Zaft) writes:
>	This is a weird one.  I have been playing with this for a while.
>	Basically, I can't link anything.  The setup: UnixPC, 2.5M,
>40meg disk, 3.51m OS, 3.51 Dev. Set.
>	cc works fine, I can compile things to my heart's content; but
>when I run ld I don't get anything.  When I tried a makefile (exercise,

	[ ... ]

	Have you considered that your copy of 'ld' might be corrupted?  I've
got essentially the same software, and running 'sum' on my ld gives:

	32230 75 /bin/ld

You might want to check through your /usr/adm/syslog for signs of any HDERR

Also, you should check your libraries for damage as well.  I just ran
'strings' on /bin/ld, and got this:


For completeness, you should check the libraries that it tried to use,
although I would think that there would be a better error message if ld
tried to access one and failed.  Here's the sum on the two libs that you
tried to use, but /lib/crt0s.o may differ, since I ran the program to fix
the dst switchover problem on mine, and don't have readily accessable an old
version to sum.

>	ld -s -o exercise exercise.o /lib/crt0s.o /lib/shlib.ifile

	12641 1 /lib/crt0s.o
	7715 11 /lib/shlib.ifile

	It looks as though /bin/ld has some Sun ancestry, since the above
strings from ld that mention sky imply the 'sky' board which put a 68881
into the sun-2 series of workstations.  (The ones built on the Intel
Multibus - I've just added one to my collection of machines, and hope to get
a 'sky' board for it.)

	I guess that you won't need to check the sum on one file from the
'strings' output above, /dev/null :-)

	Good Luck
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