MicroEmacs 3.10 compiling problems on 3b1

Floyd Davidson floyd at ims.alaska.edu
Sat Apr 20 11:58:31 AEST 1991

In article <1991Apr19.193936.4248 at tc.fluke.COM> doctor at tc.fluke.COM (Doug Klopfenstein) writes:
>I just retrieved the sources to MicroEmacs 3.10 from SIMTEL and tried to
>compile them on my 3b1 (System V). Everything works just fine until it gets
>to the unix.c file and it quits because it cannot find the include file
>Does anyone know what this file is? Can I get a copy of this file? Is there
>a way to work around this file?
>I also tried compiling MicroEmacs using the BSD selection in the estruct.h
>file, but it just gives up in dispare when it reaches the tcap.c file.
>Am I asking this question in the right group?

Yep, right questions.

The unix.c file distributed with MicroEmacs 3.10 is based on
a BSD system with almost enough adjustments to make it work
on SysV, but not quite.

You need to get dirent.h and friends (it should be archived
somewhere on osu-cis) by Doug Gwyn.

If you would like I can mail you a replacement for unix.c that
supports the UnixPc (mouse, function keys, soft labels etc.).

Note that MicroEmacs 3.11 Beta is out and the regular release
is supposed to be next month.  Support for the UnixPc, and at
least two unrelated replacements for unix.c to support SysV
have been sent to the author (Dan Lawrence).  I have no idea
whether he is likely to include any or even part of it in the

Whatever the 3.11 release for MicroEmacs is, once it is released
there will be a group of support files, and a binary, placed on
osu-cis for the UnixPc specifically.

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